Sleep Research Pertinent to YOU…

…the college student:

How is good and poor sleep in older adults and college students related to daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and ability to concentrate?

Abstract (from the paper)
We compared good sleepers with minimally and highly
distressed poor sleepers on three measures of daytime functioning:
self-reported fatigue, sleepiness, and cognitive inefficiency. In two
samples (194 older adults, 136 college students), we tested the
hypotheses that (1) poor sleepers experience more problems with
daytime functioning than good sleepers, (2) highly distressed poor
sleepers report greater impairment in functioning during the day
than either good sleepers or minimally distressed poor sleepers, (3)
daytime symptoms are more closely related to psychological
adjustment and to psychologically laden sleep variables than to
quantitative sleep parameters, and (4) daytime symptoms are more
closely related to longer nocturnal wake times than to shorter sleep
times. Results in both samples indicated that poor sleepers
reported more daytime difficulties than good sleepers. While
low- and high-distress poor sleepers did not differ on sleep
parameters, highly distressed poor sleepers reported consistently
more difficulty in functioning during the day and experienced
greater tension and depression than minimally distressed poor
sleepers. Severity of all three daytime problems was generally
significantly and positively related to poor psychological adjust-
ment, psychologically laden sleep variables, and, with the
exception of sleepiness, to quantitative sleep parameters. Results
are used to discuss discrepancies between experiential and
quantitative measures of daytime functioning.

D 2000 Elsevier
Science Inc. All rights reserved.


~ by sleepsmarter on April 1, 2008.

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