A Bedtime Routine: It’s easier than you think

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Just to give you guys an idea of what bedtime routines can look like, here’s the first of many bedtime routine videos to come. Keep checking back to see more!



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Welcome to our Sleep Smarter Blog where we hope to be of service helping you achieve better sleep habits so that you too may have a better night’s sleep.

As grad students we all all know the stress of being sleep deprived, and we all feel the effects of sleep-less nights spent tossing and turning worrying about how in the world you’re going to be able to get 3 papers and a capstone done by Friday when you’ve spent the weekend partying. The bags under the eyes, the weight gain, the nodding off just as the professor you need the important recommendation from looks your way…we all know the symptoms.

But there are only a limited number of hours in a day, so how does one maximize those few precious hours alloted to sleep?

That’s what we’re here to tell you. Browse the site, read the research, change your ways (just remember to do the reading 30 minutes before bedtime, unless you print it all out!)

Sleep Smarter Tip #1

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Possible sleep rituals

Research suggests that performing the same steps every night right before going to bed can help your body and mind relax and trigger sleep responses in your brain. Developing a sleep ritual can be as basic as brushing your teeth, washing your face, praying/meditating, or even just deep breathing a few minutes before you want to fall asleep.

Stay tuned, we will soon be posting up videos of our bedtime routines. As you start to develop and get comfortable with yours, send them to us, and we’ll link them to our website.

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Sleep Smarter Tip #2

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Did You Know?

Blue light from computer screen

Blue light from your television and computer monitor have been shown to “power up” your brain. Get your brain ready for bedtime by abstaining from TV and computer use at least 30 minutes before bedtime – it will thank you in the morning!
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So you want to sleep smarter?

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Ever feel like this guy?
(SFW, no sound)

You’ve all had those moments where you feel like nodding off in class. Some of you may have even indulged in a class-time nap or three. But at a cost of $100* an hour, not to mention having to beg and borrow (hopefully you don’t steal!) notes, or the exam tips you might miss while taking those power naps in class, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a well rested student?

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Sleep Smart, Feel Great!

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Are you ready for it?

This site will launch on March 26th 2008 at 5.00pm EST.

Are you ready?

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